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Superior Pest Solutions Green Program

Some Key Points about our Green Shield Service

What is Green Pest Management?

Green pest management is an approach to delivering affordable, effective pest control that strives for maximum protection of health and the environment.

How is green pest management different than conventional pest management?

Conventional pest management relies on pesticide applications as the primary control strategy.
A technician who applies a pesticide on every service visit whether pests are present or not is practicing conventional pest management. Green pest management is an approach where pesticide applications are a last resort, used only when non-chemical measures are not adequate.

Green pest management means that we are going to solve your pest problems without pesticides if possible. Pesticide use is our last resort. If it becomes necessary to use a pesticide, we will strive to use the minimum amount of the lowest – toxicity pesticide required to resolve the problem. We will make the application in a way that reduces the chance you, your children or pets will come in contact with the product.

Green Protocol and Scope Of Work for Occasional Invaders and Rodents

• A Superior Pest Elimination technician will identify exactly what insects or Rodents are invading your home.
• Find Out Why is the Insect /Rodent present
• Remove any nesting materials, food and water
• Recommend any mechanical alterations
• Seal up any entry points
• Treat areas with Green Shield Approved material

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